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Resource Type & Description
Quick Links Names & Places
Surname Records
Updated 31.03.03Over 11,500 records for Key Family Names
Keogh, Lynch, McCurdy, McKnight, McQuilkin and Riddell including spelling varients.
Surname Origins
Updated 31.03.03The information in each surname differs slightly but, by and large, you will find the name, some spelling varients, a sample of a relevant Tartan (if applicable), any known mottos, heraldic devices etc., the etymology of the name, it’s origins, key locations and notable persons. Where available, frequency tables will be provided showing the breakdown of names per county in Ireland and Scotland.
Allen Andrews & Anderson, Boyle, Bree, Cairney, Calder, Campbell, Conway, Drennan, Fitzgerald, Ferguson, Galloway, Gillespie, Graham, Kelly, Keogh, King, Laidlaw, Leach, Lynch, Manson, McCurdy, McFarlane, McIlravy, McQuilkin, McReynolds, Middlemist, Miller, Morrison, Nelson, Paterson, Preston, Riddell, Ross, Stewart, Tailor, Tinlin, Weir, Wilson, Woods
History of Key Places
Updated 31.03.03The information for each place differs slightly but, by and large, you will find the location, a description of the parish/town. Important historical events and just about anything else I can find.

ARGYLLSHIRE (Inveraray and Glenaray)
AYRSHIRE (Tarbolton)
DUMBARTONSHIRE (Luss, Dumbarton, Row/Rhu)
RENFREWSHIRE (Greenock, Port Glasgow, Paisley, Houston & Kilellan)
ROXBURGHSHIRE (Hawick, Eckford, Cavers)
STIRLINGSHIRE (Falkirk, Bothkenner, St. Ninian’s)


ANTRIM (Rathlin Island, Carnmoon, Carnmoney)
TYRONE (Cloghog, Slingo, Coash)