This section has grown somewhat, thanks to the generosity of others. When I next I manage to get over to Belfast I’ll jot down all the details I can find for the Island. I’ve still got to do the Religious surveys, Hearth Rolls and the existing Vestry records for church wardens and police, plus all parish records and Statutory Births, Marriages & Deaths (though a great many are already in the Misc. Rathlin Records).

Agricultural Census for Rathlin 1803

Bassett’s County Antrim Directory for Rathlin Island 1888 (thanks to Shaun Cheyne)

Cemetery Inscriptions Rathlin Island

Cemetery Inscriptions for Rathlin Islanders buried elsewhere

Chain of Occupancy 1803 – 1860

Elmer D. E. McCurdy’s “Historical Geneology [sic] of the McCurdy Family” part two

Griffith’s Valuation 1860

Irish McCurdys 1850 Census USA (New 23/06/2022)

Irish McCurdys 1860 Census USA

Irish McCurdys 1870 Census USA (New 23/06/2022)

Irish McCurdys 1880 Census USA

Irish born McCurdys 1851 Census of Canada (New 17/05/2022)

Irish born McCurdys 1861 Census of Canada (New 17/05/2022)

Irish born McCurdys 1871 Census of Canada (New 17/05/2022)

Irish McCurdys 1881 Census Canada

Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, 1837

McCurdys 1790 Census USA

McCurdys 1800 Census USA

McCurdys 1810 Census USA

McCurdys 1820 Census USA

McCurdys 1830 Census USA

McCurdys 1840 Census USA

McCurdys 1850 Census USA

McCurdys 1860 Census USA (New 19/05/2022)

McCurdy RC Baptisims – Scotland

McCurdy RC Marriages – Scotland

McFaul RC Baptisims – Scotland

McFaul RC Marriages – Scotland

McQuilkin OPR Baptisms – Scotland (Updated 21/06/2022 569 records)

McQuilkin OPR Marriages – Scotland (Updated 21/06/2022 289 records)

McQuilkin OPR Deaths – Scotland (Updated 21/06/2022 27 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1841 (New 22/06/2022 217 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1851 (New 22/06/2022 197 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1861 (New 22/06/2022 114 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1881 (New 22/06/2022 134 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1891 (New 22/06/2022 118 records)

McQuilkin Scottish Census 1911(New 22/06/2022 143 records)

Misc. Rathlin Records (a VAST new resource now incorporated into the Directory)

Noted People and Saints with Rathlin Links

Orphaned Records

Passenger Lists Various

Passenger Lists to Maine

Pension Petitions (Rathlin Names)

Rathlin Island Census 1901

Rathlin Island Census 1911

Rathlin Islanders in Maine 1850

Rathlin Islanders in Maine 1860

Rathlin Islanders in Maine 1870

Rathlin Islanders in Maine 1880

Rathlin Islanders in Maine 1900

Rathlin Islanders in Lubec, Maine 1910

Rathlin Shipwrecks

Rathlin Surnames Origins

Tithe Applotment 1834 (thanks to Shaun Cheyne)

Ulster Covenant signees on Rathlin


Online Records

1901 Census Rathlin

1911 Census Rathlin

Ballycastle Baptisms & Marriages 1838 – 1883


PRONI Records

Rathlin Island Baptisms: 1856-1880 PRONI MIC.1D/92

Rathlin Island Marriages: 1857-1880 PRONI MIC.1D/92

Rathlin Island Catechism D/3577

Rathlin Island document D/508

Rathlin Island papers. [Copy of D/3577]. MIC/580

Rathlin Island tides papers D/1562

Rathlin Parish document T/897

Rathlin parish vestry book T/861

Rathlin OAP Claims PRONI T/550

1740 Protestant Householders in the parishes of Ahoghill, Armoy, Ballintoy, Ballymoney, Ballywillin, Billy, Drummaul, Duneane, Dunluce, Finvoy, Kilraghts, Kirkinriola, Loughguile, Ramoan, Rasharkin, Rathlin Island. PRONI T808/15258. GO 539

1803 Agricultural survey recording householders, occupations and agricultural possessions. Covers Armoy, Ballymoney, Ballyrashane, Billy, Culfeightrin, Derrykeighan, Dunluce, Kilraghts, Loughguile, Ramoan, Rathlin Island. NAI op153/103/1 – 16

Rathlin Island School Records ref. 1180

Book Lists

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“Rathlin’s Rugged Story: from an Islander’s Perspective” – McCurdy, Augustine 2000
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