I’d love to say that all the information here was my own work but it’s not. If I’ve forgotten to mention anybody, sorry, but please feel free to send me a curt E-Mail castigating me for your omission. Here are some of the people who have provided a considerable amount of information:

Alex Morrison & Gusty McCurdy: Sadly no longer with us, both these gentlemen were very supportive of my efforts to compile this site. Their books added to the Rathlin Directory and their cumulative knowledge of the Island’s history was invaluable.

Shaun Cheyne: I’m not sure how Shaun fits into the overall Rathlin picture but he has provided, and continues to send, a lot of useful material. Including : Tithe Applotment of 1834 and Bassett’s County Antrim Directory for Rathlin Island 1888, passenger lists and a letter from J & J Cooke, Shipping Agents, to the Gages stating that the 100 or so names forwarded as passengers for May 1847 would have to be sent in two ships, one to Quebec the other to New Brunswick. This is very important since it would indicate that just over 100 left the Island at the same time not the 400+ as usually reported. Still figuring out how best to use some of the info but thanks anyway.

Ciarán Ó Duibhín has sent in a VAST amount of research collected during his studies in Linguistics, particularly Scottish, Irish and Rathlin Gaelic dialects. The information contained in the Misc. Rathlin Records page in the Resources section should keep everyone busy for MONTHS. I can’t thank Ciarán enough for all this work, this document has boosted the Rathlin Directory by over 400 names in various family groups these have been incorporated into the Directory.

John A. I. McCurdy (now deceased) and his son Shane. Both of these Antrim men have spent a great many years researching the McCurdy name and their combined data of McCurdys in Ireland and, to a bit of a lesser extent, Worldwide, covers a staggering amount of people who bear this surname and variations of its spelling. Since McCurdy was the most prolific name on Rathlin for over 350 years their generosity and help has been invaluable to my own personal research and, ultimately, the development of this site.

Patricia Townsend, now sadly departed, an American with firm Rathlin roots, Pat’s research revolved around the the families from Rathlin and Ballycastle who settled in Maine, USA. Though far away from primary sources she has built up a very impressive compilation of Rathlin families some from the 18th century.

Maryl Hook has devoted her research to a few Ballycastle and Rathlin families but particularly the McKinleys. This specialization has allowed her to pad out the general information with stories, anecdotes and transcriptions of many historical documents.

My immediate and extended family especially Allan McQuilkin (my first cousin twice removed) who has provided the information to lengthen the branches of my own family tree which, in turn, has provided a great deal of the site content.

Some of the photos in the Gallery are from unnamed sources on the internet. If any are copyrighted I will remove them or credit the owners upon request.