Welcome to the resurrected Rathlin Island Website

The original website opened on 1st November 2002 but, for various reasons, closed in 2014. I have strong Rathlin connections and, during my pursuit for branches in my own Family Tree, have uncovered a lot of information about the Island that I’d like to share. If you’re interested you can find out more about me in by using the Webmaster link. The site (and much of my own research) would not have been possible without the help of others. The Acknowledgments should suitably swell their clever heads.

Genealogy is even more popular now than ever before but, while there is much more Irish information available on the internet than there was, few sites for specific places in Ireland have all available data FOR one place IN one place. I’d been promising to make the information available on a new site for ages and HERE WE ARE, a completely new site that should be viewable on Tablets and Mobile Phones. All of the, literally, thousands of the original records AND MORE are now available in Resources.

The navigation panel above should be fairly self explanatory and easy to operate, just click on the Heading of your choice or Home to return here.

The Rathlin Directory contains many Rathlin families from the 18th century to the present day, as of 22nd September 2018 the Directory included over 8700 individuals (about twice the 2014 amount) from over 2400 family groups (the updated Directory now contains details on over 20,100 people with direct links to Rathlin). With branches in Ireland, the Americas, Australasia and Mainland Britain. Because it is a fully functioning site in its own right it opens in a new tab.

The Site News, Message Board, Guest Book, Contacts and McCuaig’s Bar have been disabled.