The whole main site has been resurrected and is now more Genealogy based (hence the Tree Theme), in this iteration, I’m also hosting two other websites that have also been requested for revival.  The other major change is that the whole site should be fully usable on all mobile devices. 

The site is developing constantly, check the News to find out the latest additions.

The Resources section stocks a wealth of information and includes details of Vital Records and Census returns for all of the Key Names. For example:

  • All Scottish Records for Keogh and Keough, Census 1891, 1901. Births 1743 – 1901, Marriages 1855 – 1926 and Deaths 1855 – 1951.
  • McCurdy (and spelling variants) Census Records for Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire 1891 and 1901. Renfrewshire Births, Marriages and Deaths to 1901 all Scottish Marriages 1901 – 1926 and Deaths 1925 – 1951. 

Key names in the Genealogy Section: Keogh, Fitzgerald, Stewart, Kelly, Riddell, Lynch, McCurdy, McQuilkin, McKnight, McReynolds

Secondary names include: Boyle, Dyer, Ferguson, Wilson, Millar, Boyle, Gallacher